We want to develop a useful browser.

Kinza evolves with users' voices.

Useful, secure, and flexible
because intended for every day use

Why an original browser
has been developed
Browsers are essential for Internet life and used almost every day. That is the reason why we wanted to develop and provide a browser that everyone can use comfortably and safely. Kinza provides superior usefulness and security on the basis of Chromium, which is excellent in basics and extensibility.
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We want to respect users' opinions.
The developers of Kinza actively exchange opinions with users. Because there are findings and requests that we realize only after using the browser. What is most important is "Users' voices" for us to develop the browser that we want.

Kinza evolves with users' voices.

The source of the development of Kinza is nothing but users' opinions.
In fact, many new functions have been developed reflecting users' voices.
Pursuing further usefulness, Kinza will continue to evolve with users' voices.

Mouse Gesture

Exchanging opinions with users, we have implemented the Mouse Gesture function,
which enables users to call every action by dragging with the right button.

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Super Drag

Super Drag is a useful extension, which enables users to open a link in new tab by dragging the link.
Kinza has improved this extension to enable users to adjust the reaction distance for their convenience.

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Side Bar

With the sidebar shown, you can see your bookmarks and more while browsing websites

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Fits the way you browse
it's everything you'll ever need

The browser from Japan
Kinza is developed in Nihonbashi, Tokyo. We're working more closely with our users than other major brands to bring Japanese hospitality to the browser.
from Japan
Not spyware
Removes spyware and adware downloaded without the user's permission and refuses to install software unrelated to Kinza.
Not spyware
Performance equivalent to Chromium
Kinza is developed using Chromium, and therefore has the same extensibility as Google Chrome, including the addition of extensions, setting of the theme, and signing in using a Google account.