What is Kinza?

Kinza evolves with users' voices.

Kinza is a Japanese original web browser, which has been developed using the Chromium source code as with Google Chrome. Many Internet users keep using the web browser pre-installed on their PCs, but experienced users abandon it for more extensive browsers, such as Google Chrome and Firefox. However, web browsers can be developed more flexibly depending on how they are used. That is why Kinza evolves with users' voices. For example, Mouse Gesture and Super Drag have been developed to reflect users' voices. We believe that our mission is to give shape to the best for users and present the appeal of web browsers by Kinza.

Japanese browser born in Nihonbashi
According to one theory, the district name "Ginza (silver mint)" originates from the silver-coin plant once operated in the area during the Edo Period. Meanwhile, "Kinza (gold mint)" was operated to mint gold coins and kobans (former Japanese oval gold coins) in Nihonbashi, where our office exists now. We hope we can provide Internet users with values and experiences worth gold coins via our Japanese browser born in Nihonbashi.
On the other hand, major browsers and their derivatives in other countries rarely accept Japanese users' opinions, and there is a concern about security vulnerability. So, we will develop the best browser for Japanese users reflecting their opinions and aiming for higher security.
Background of Kinza
Web browsers act as the basis for the use of the Internet, and therefore have various kinds of extensibility. Hoping to be engaged in the development of such a basic part of browsers, we started to develop a browser.
Then, we decided to use the Chromium source code for the development. It was because Chromium is a late comer, and therefore has less restrictions than the Gecko engine and IE components and properly avoids problems utilizing the latest knowledge and technology. Above all, we wanted to develop a browser reflecting users' opinions. Such an attitude was a matter of course in former software development, but seems to be less considered today. We value the "User First" policy, which we think ideal for software development.
Youer Voice

Creating a logo reflecting the view of Kinza

Initial design sketches of the Kinza logo

In this world, there are many web browser logos, which everyone knows. The Kinza logo has been designed to be no less impressive than such logos, with the significantly visible, appealing icon and 16x16-pixel favicon, which are shown on the desktop and the tab of the browser, respectively. The Kinza logo is based on the motifs of "gold" coming from "Kinza (gold mint)" and "kylin (giraffe)," the symbol of the Nihonbashi bridge, with a Japanese taste. The color of metallic gold represents an image of "Chrome" as well as "Kinza." The logo presents the contrast between the dark color suggestive of the "Statue of Kylin" sitting on the Nihonbashi bridge and the vivid gold of "Kinza."