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Kinza Team helps your development.

Kinza Team helps your development mainly using the Chromium source code. We will help you develop general-purpose browsers, such as Kinza, exclusive browsers for services and games, and browser plug-ins. But these are not all we can. Browsers process information on the Internet and make it easy to use. Utilizing the knowledge obtained through the development of browsers, we can also help the development of other information processing software including in-house systems and RSS readers.

Browsers we can develop

General-purpose browsers
Chromium has functions equivalent to Google Chrome and can be customized to various types of browsers with various functions. We will help the development of browsers with various other concepts than that for Kinza.
Exclusive browsers
Exclusive browsers, which are customized for special use, can provide users with better service experience. We will propose a wide range of possible usage, covering not only services, but also games and databases.

We can also help these developments.

In-house system development
We can help the development of in-house systems using browsers as the base. We can realize correspondence with multi-platforms, easy introduction only requiring installation, exclusive interfaces, browsing restrictions, etc.
Plug-in development
Google Chrome extensions have become largely compatible with Firefox, enabling one-stop development of plug-ins. How about taking this opportunity to develop new plug-ins and/or modify existing ones?
RSS reader development
RSS readers also process specific information on the Internet and make it easy to see and use.

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